Our Services

Our services help serve unaccompanied homeless and youth in our community. Our ongoing mission is to end the cycle of homelessness and violence. To do this, we have built four core programs in many of the cities where we operate in volunteer teams. Outreach programs, Outreach Centers, Mentoring, and other support. We are proud of the fact that our volunteer teams build trust and become a consistent resource to stabilize and otherwise help this in need that the rest of society ignored.

What We Support


Feeding the Homeless

We teach our youth the value of giving back to the community, we host local feedings and encourage them to volunteer their time to get to know more about living in hardships and be able to listen and be supportive of the homeless community.

Education and Training (instead of clothing the homeless)

We give youth in our community the instructive materials required for achievement in the classroom with the help of corporate accomplices and instructors. As these young people gain the skills, they need to support themselves, their families and their community


Thomas’ Story

My name is Thomas I had been living on the streets of Salt lake city, Utah for 10 years because of addiction. At first, being out on the streets wasn’t all that bad. As time went on, I became an addict; I endured hardships such as body lice, hunger, isolation, physical and mental abuse. After that, I watched as my friends died off one by one from drugs, shootings, murder and sometimes even the freezing cold. I had finally had enough I would pray to see my life ended. I would always hope that a better life would one day find me and miraculously it did! One day I woke up and went out to beg, I needed money for drugs. I came across a lady sitting in her vehicle named “Aleaka”. I approached her and asked if she could spare $20.00 for a room.  She was not stupid and saw straight through my lie. She responded, “I do not condone that behavior but I can offer you a job, Let me help you.” She then bought me breakfast and gave me work. She came with my pay but before giving it she said “You have two options 1: I can give you the money and drop you off on the streets where I got you from or 2: you can join my organization, and come live a clean, sober, and safe life.” I automatically took the second option and that night she got me a nice warm hotel room to sleep in. The next day to my surprise she woke me up with some great news… we were going shopping! After hours of picking out new clothes and shoes, we went to Supercuts where I was transformed, I could hardly recognize myself. I cried tears of joy, I hadn’t felt that kind of love in many many years. It was the start of a beautiful new beginning. I stayed with the organization for a year, during that year I got clean, I got my self-esteem back, and I worked to give my testimony with the program.  I am now working a full-time job and live in a nice home. I am also 24 months clean and I owe it all to Aleaka, and the organization but Iggy, he died and lead this whole campaign and through him losing his life I’ve regained mine.

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