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Our Story

In 2016 Aleaka Tate lost her only son to murder by a teen who said to be his friend, from that she forged her way to start a non-profit organization aimed towards mentoring and providing resources to the homeless and being a strong support system for high-risk youth to help them become lively assets in their communities. She works feverishly hoping to put an end to senseless acts of violence in our city streets. Her non-profits Changing the Gray Street Outreach and The “X” project have touched thousands of lives across the U.S.

What We Do

Our Homeless Outreach program helps hundreds of homeless each month. We provide food, tents, and items to provide warmth for those cold nights they face. In our efforts to reach out to at-risk youth, youth leads all fundraising and meals in our programs from the Vancouver, WA area. We work side by side with high-risk youth to teach them valuable skills, such as customer service, networking, and budgeting. We have recently expanded our efforts to the neighboring states:  Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, and Alaska.

Some of Our Events

Changing The Gray Street Outreach is making a difference in many cites. Our movers offer to get the undesirable, durable sustenance things from the individuals who are moving and convey it to their neighborhood food banks.

Homeless Outreach Program

Homeless Outreach Program

Our Homeless Outreach program helps hundreds of homeless each month. We provide food, tents, and warm items, such as sleeping bags, for the homeless.


Toy Transfer

Toy Transfer

Our Toy Transfer was a success. We helped dozens of families with gifts for their children or grandchildren. We traveled to multiple cities to work with families in need and are so thankful to all those who came out to take part or donated to this event


 Feed on Thanksgiving Eve

Feed on Thanksgiving Eve

Our Thanksgiving Eve Feeding Event was extremely successful. We had dozens of volunteers and fed hundreds of homeless.


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